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Our Fresh Pomegranate are highly famous for their wholesome qualities. Our supplied pomegranates are carefully picked from productive farm areas to ensure its purity and naturalness, which further helps in maintaining good health. Our fresh pomegranates are abundant with rich minerals, vitamins, polyphenols & flavanoids which help in quenching thirst as well as works as an anti oxidant boosters. Fruit description Fruit is nearly round and hard Leathery shiny skin The edible portion is transforms from deep pink to bright red Juicy, crunchy seeds Distinctive protruding flower end Outside skin polished and cleaned with soft long hair brush Size grading Size graded with round barsOptional per season period few pallets per FCL,10 mm, 450 gr. and up, ( 7 cnt) Inside carton separation in diagonal crossing , 2 x 3 x 2 About 15 %, 90-100 mm and 350-450 grams About 35 %, 80-90 mm and 275-350 gr About 50 %, 75-80 mm and 200-275 gr Optional, count 18 Color Bhagwa red colored overall Origin Maharashtra ( Middle West India) Andhra Pradesh (South East India) Karnataka (South West India) Harvest Product is handpicked Immediately forced pre-cooled until 5 degrees C within 7 hrs During Harvesting Plastic Crates are used Palletizing Per pallet a clear pallet numbered label A4 size, with thick printed letters and numbers The contents of that pallet in accordance with the Packing List Product label is easy and clearly visible By palletising one ??Pallet Sheet ??, in the middle and one on the top Ventilation holes and interlockers Stowing 20 pallets 100 x 120 cm per FCL All pallets stowed in the well-known " Vent Stowing Pattern ?? Fits good together to avoid collapsing Air ventilation closing with plastic foil 220 crtn ??s per pallet, total 4.400 crtn??s Weight 3,5 kg Always a guaranteed minimum weight Tolerances only up-wards Acidity Citric acid % in w/w Below 1,85% Brix 16,5 +/- 1,5 ° Brix Tannin Below 0,25% Pre cooling Within 7 hours after harvesting Forced air circulation until + 5 degrees, Celsius Pre-cooling for the 3,5 kg Open top cartons can be done in the final packaging Fruit specification Skin : Max 5 % of the surface with THRIPS (outside skin damage caused by insects) Max 5 % BRUISING (outside skin damage caused by contact Moisture No external moisture including packaging Color Equal red to bright shiny red skin, varying per season Maturity Harvested ripe fruit No signs of internal browning Flavor Characteristic of fresh fruit No abnormal flavor or odor Taste Sweet Maturity : 100% Packaging size : 10-20kg Shelf Life : 1 Year Color : Red Type : Fresh Cultivation Type : Organic Feature : Bore Free, Non Harmful, Pesticide Free Vitamin C : 17% Magnesium : 3% Iron : 1% Vitamin B-6 : 5%


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