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    Eximious Ventures Private Limited

    Industrial Cleaning ChemicalGet Latest PriceMinimum Order Quantity: 50 KilogramPackaging Type carboyQuantity Per Pack 50 kgThermclean-XL is a powerful blend of chemicals comprising of a strong corrosion inhibitor, deposit penetrant & state-of-the-art 'Maxi-Accelerator'. By circulation method entire thermic fluid system can be effectively descaled & decarbonised. This results in improvement of heat transfer of the entire system.It Works:The difficult hard carbon can only be removed by a strong Penetrant. The Penetrant goes to the root of carbon to remove it from metal. THERMCLEAN-XL contains a Penetrant which will dissolve the resinous deposits and penetrate hard carbon scales. The penetrating action can be enhanced by a catalyst which accelerates penetrating action in hard scales. Through strong on scales, it is equally soft on metal. A strong corrosion inhibitor is also added to avoid any pitting and corrosion. The surfactant action will clean the metal. Thus a complete solution is offered with THERMCLEAN-XL. Currency: INR Min Order: Bulk Price : Ask for price Eximious Ventures Private Limited
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