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We B2B platform to the manufacturers, wholesalers, importer, and exporters all over the country and across the globe. Our platform connects the manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, who deal in computer hardware, and its peripherals devices. Our platform offers the best quality computer hardware for personal and office use bulk at an affordable price. These hardware and devices come with a warranty period.

Hardware: Computer hardware is the physical components of a computer through which a computer can operate. Keyboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), mouse, and monitor is the essential component of a computer. These are tangible devices that take the input, process the input, and produce output. They are also useful for the secondary storage for data and programs, for communication purposes. The following parts we offers are listed below:

  • Computer/Monitor

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)

  • Motherboard

  • RAM(Random-access memory)

  • Hard Disk Drive

  • Optical Disc Drive

  • Sound Card

  • Computer Hard Disk

  • Server RAM

  • Laptop Keyboard

Printer and Xerox Machine: One can produce hard copies of records maintained digitally or over the internet using printing machines. To produce multiple copies of the original document Xerox machine plays an important role in personal and office work.

We offer a wide range of printers at affordable prices. All these printers produce a fine quality print of the documents. We offer you printers of well-known brands in the country and globe. We deal in, Wireless printers, Inkjet Printer, Multifunction Printer, Dot Matrix Printer, Photocopiers - Xerox Machines, Digital Duplicator, HP Printer, Canon LaserJet Printer, Photocopy Machine, HP LaserJet Pro Printer, etc.

Laptop: We deal in laptops of well-known brands and also provide rugged computers based on the specification and requirements of ones. A laptop is used for a variety of purposes in school, office, and home. It is portable from of computer one can easily carry it from one place to another.

Laptops which are available with us:

  • MacBook of Apple

  • Tablet or Laptop

  • Mini Laptop

  • Gaming Laptop

  • Ultrabook laptop

  • Rugged Computer

  • Refurbished Laptops

  • Dell Laptops

  • HP Laptops

  • Lenovo Laptop

Computer Accessories: Any other device added to a computer and it enhances its capability known as accessories such as keyboard, mouse, microphone, power cable, docking station, gamepad, UPS, mouse pad, webcam, projector, etc.  

External Device and Data Storage: We offer a variety of storage devices that helps the user to increase the storage capacity of the system without opening it. A very common use of external storage devices is to transfer data between on-site and off-site computer systems.  Devices available with us are an external hard drive, compact disc, SSD, pen drive, card reader, etc.

We also offer a wide range of scanners for office and home purposes.

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