Why Your Company Should Be Listed In A B2B Marketplace

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B2B marketplace emerges as one of the most successful startups in recent years because of the services it provides to manufacturers and retailers. In the nutshell, it can be a useful platform to create brand awareness.

The long article will guide you to how your company can benefit by listing in a B2B marketplace. We will tell you the know-how of the B2B portal and its benefits to companies. Get ready to make your company global with a few simple steps.

We have tried to give you a brief about how the B2B marketplace works and why you should list your company in B2B Marketplace.

What Is A B2B Marketplace?

The simplest way to define the B2B marketplace is the market where business transactions happen between business parties following all the rules of trade. Such B2B transactions involve a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or a wholesale and a retailer.

B2B commerce can also be explained as the relationship established between two separate business entities who need each other's help to reach their full potential. Business to business commerce took place via certain methods that help the organizations to connect and do business with each other.

More often, B2B communication relationships are established through phone, mail, or social media portals. Such B2B communication helps the brands to reach and promote themselves in the market by using marketing techniques such as product differentiation.

Let's understand the concept with an example. Take an already famous yogurt brand that is now promoting another brand that produces macadamia nuts. This way, the followers and consumers of both companies know about the new products, and both the company can get benefits from this.

With the introduction of the internet, it is pretty easy to find a B2B marketplace in almost all industries and niches. A manufacturer always indulges in some sort of B2B commerce whenever he makes a business transaction.

Moreover, every B2C company may require a list of services, professional advice, and products as well. Thus, these B2C companies are always generating the need for a B2B marketplace. 

Examples Of B2B Companies

B2B companies have shown various types of structures in recent years that have even questioned the true definition of the B2B marketplace. The Automobile industry is an appropriate example of B2B commerce.

Here, in the automobile industry, different parts of the vehicle are manufactured by different companies. Thus, even though automobile manufacturers can manufacture most of the parts in the company, they have to trade other parts from different companies by making B2B transactions.

Here are some other examples of popular B2B companies we have been using:

  • Alibaba Group
  • Shoppa.in
  • IndiaMART
  • Exporters India
  • Trade India

While B2C companies help reach the products to ultimate consumers, B2B enterprises help the manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers by providing them services like financing and warehousing.

How important are B2B companies these days?

You can easily find tons of articles online stating the relevance of B2B companies and their success. However, facts speak louder than SEO-optimized articles for the B2B marketplace.

In 2019, LinkedIn's gross revenue was $623 million, Acxiom's gross revenue was $312 million, and Dun & Bradstreet's gross revenue was $699 million.

In 2019, a few B2B companies touched the revenue of the billion marks as well. RELX Group, Alibaba Group, and International Data group were on the list with gross revenue of $2.28 billion, $1.6 billion, and $1.57 billion respectively.

In 2020, the overall revenue from listed B2B companies has reached a total of $127.7 billion.

Thus, it is clear that companies that are listed in the B2B marketplace are getting good business every year. There is a big scope in the industry for all the producers and manufacturers with their products and services.

What Is The Main Goal Of A B2B Marketplace?

A B2B marketplace is a platform where various business entities show their product, services, and brand to reach the market.

The B2B marketplace operates in a way that allows business entities to understand the value and working models of other B2B companies with whom they can do business transactions in the future. All you have to do is create a page on the marketplace that shows your business and gives information about your products and services.

Prices vary depending on the negotiating skills of each customer in the B2B marketplaces. Even loyal customers expect heavy discounts on large orders almost every time. There is an opportunity for innovative brands to grow, and find new opportunities by dealing with successful businesses. These B2B portals are focused on business cooperation instead of performing commercial trade.

Reasons Why Companies Should Be Listed In B2B Marketplaces

Now you know that these B2B marketplaces help a company to grow their business by providing trending products and quality services with value addition. Check out other good reasons why companies should be listed in B2B marketplaces.

1. Easy Setup For Online Presence

There are many B2B marketplaces where you can list your company to make an online presence for your business. All you have to do is sign up on the portal with your mail ID and write your company details in a specific way by filling a form. You can also link your company's website and upload the logo.

It is pretty good for marketing leaders as they never agree to spend quality time setting up their storefront. All they have to do is create a business account on the B2B portal, insert some information about the products they offer or services they rendered, and they are done. They can enjoy the new business connections based on the information they provide about their company in the portfolio.

2. A budgeted move

It has been seen that many businesses create additional funds for marketing. Well, B2B marketing can be expensive as most of the communication channels used by businesses are to create brand awareness among ultimate consumers.

Thankfully, these B2B marketplaces integrate all the manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers under one space where they can interact, bargain, and get benefitted from each other. These B2B marketplaces are either free or charge a low entry fee from the business.

Here, these business entities can trade goods and services without setting up shops or special E-commerce websites that could cost a huge amount. Furthermore, the main focus of many businesses is to improve the production and quality of the products rather than marketing. Thus, it is a good opportunity for businesses to get an online presence without spending a part of their capital on marketing.

These B2B marketplaces are created by highly-skilled developers and already providing an invaluable contribution to these B2B trading. Business leaders should log into a platform like Shoppa to insert their business details, and enjoy the brand awareness techniques.

3. It Gives Access To A Brand-New Audience

Such marketplaces help a business to create brand awareness with its product. Ultimately, the goal of B2B advertising is to establish the brand into the market with exposure, recognition, and instant availability.

These marketplaces help the business to expose their brands before the highly-engaged audience. This way, companies need not spend another dollar to reach a new audience at all. You can sell your new products to buyers at a wholesale rate who are looking for good quality products at an unbeatable price range.

There are chances that your company can deal with international clients at the agreed price. Thus, the B2B marketplace certainly accelerates your business growth one way or another.

4. A Platform For Testing New Products

It will be an awesome place to test your newly developed products as the critics will be the market influencers. The audience in the B2B marketplace knows the trends and tastes of customers. They can predict the success or failure of the product before it hits the market. In addition to this, they can also help companies to come up with new product ideas.

Companies should select their product and insert it into the account page by proving some valuable information about the product. Later, marketing specialists either push or pull the products by testing them on consumers.

Well, these B2B marketplaces can be used as a testing group for your products that will help you to know your product flaws, and help you to create an appealing advertisement for your business.

5. Competition Insight

Probably the biggest benefit of getting listed into B2B trade portals is getting the competition insight. B2B marketplaces often come up with new marketing trends and market analyses that help new businesses to get a first-mover advantage.

These trade portals help the company man and marketers to analyze the competition, compare services, and assess new available products and brands. This way, business leaders can formulate their new plans by analyzing the competition, and focusing on niche marketing. To be honest, no business post and magazine can give you good data than these B2B marketplaces.

You can see the products that are making rounds on the internet and getting sold. You can check the brand value of the product and the sales forecast of the product as well. You can re-do your offer in a way to makes it more appealing and attractive to business buyers.

B2B marketplace also helps customers to choose the best from all listed options. There are tons of features to measure the quality of products with the proper image to show what the product may look like. The customer gets buying offers from various manufacturers at a competitive price.

6. Massive SEO Improvement

Every new company with high hopes walking with their product listings in the B2B marketplace is ready to satisfy all the customers who came their way searching for their products and services. Well, the biggest problem is that you are not only in the market with your certain list of products.

In a market full of buyers and sellers with innovative ideas, success and failure not only depend on product quality but marketing strategy as well. Sadly, not many emerging B2B startups have enough resources to invest in formulating a marketing strategy.

In the online marketing jungle, SEO is not an option but a necessity, good companies must rank higher in the competition bar by working on ranking keywords, link building strategy, and creating informative valuable content. Google has a preference for a website that provides valuable content on the internet.

How can B2B marketplace sites help SEO?

B2B marketplace allows these business entities to get immediate Google rankings by giving them a strong do-follow backlink. You can link your business pages to your B2B marketplace account that help you to create your brand awareness and Google recognition.

Believe it or not, this SEO trick makes a huge difference in building an online presence of the business. You must take the help of a digital marketing expert or SEO executive to create your awesome content.


Thus, the B2B marketplace is a free but effective method to create brand awareness and build an online presence. You can get good Google rankings by listing your website in these B2B portals. You can test your new products, and get a competitive analysis that helps you to formulate a new business strategy.

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