Top 6 B2B marketplaces in India

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As you know India is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce marketplaces globally. Do you know what’s more exciting part is that B2C business is not growing that much as b2b has taken the lead in this growth.

When the masses are busy shopping at Amazon and Flipkart, suppliers of manufacturers have taken the lead in distributing products from stock to business.

B2b business refers business to business where manufacturers sell products to businesses online. In traditional ways, there are too risky to deal with businesses that suffer transport, research, and meetings with clients. But now e-commerce market is an easy and fast way to sell products to businesses.

There are multi-vendor marketplaces in b2b e-commerce that provide better opportunities for suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers to earn and reach clients.

Following are the top 6 b2b marketplaces in India


Udaan is a b2b online marketplace designed to make b2b e-commerce easier for small and medium businesses. It helps to bring traders, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc. it has more than 5 lakhs products that are useful in dealing with.

It is the easiest way to find your business products from here. It provides electronics & appliances, medicines, clothing & accessories, home & kitchen, luggage & backpacks, toys, and many more.

You can find 30L+ retailers, and 25k+ sellers on the Udaan website. Here buyers and sellers can directly connect without any mediocrity.


It is the oldest platform founded in 1996 in India. It is a leading marketplace competing with many B2B marketplaces. It is created for sellers, and SMEs too. It connects buyers and sellers without any support from the commission.

IndiaMart has been connected with 9.45cr buyers, and 47L+ suppliers including 5cr+ products. It provides drugs and pharmacy, hospital & diagnostics, food & culture, industrial machinery, and many more products. It has completed its silver jubilee.


Alibaba is the largest globally b2b e-commerce marketplace which connects suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers. Alibaba allows Indian buyers to buy from global wholesalers and same with Indian sellers can sell their products globally.

There is a condition that has been held that you can only sell products in bulk or stock, small quantity products can sell globally. It has 230 million buyers as well as sellers who are in the millions. It has vehicle parts, sports and entertainment, machinery, beauty and personal care, apparel, and many more products.


Tradeindia is India’s best sourcing platform for b2b e-commerce marketplace which connects buyers and sellers with each other. It only works in India.  It has 88,531 product categories, 40+ industries, 41,86,942+ active suppliers.

Its suppliers are from different cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Agra, Chandigarh, and many more. It provides business and education loans with multiple benefits.


Exporters India helps to make the connection between buyers and sellers. It is helpful for manufacturers, retailers, and sellers who want to sell their products in bulk. It provides its services through India and foreign markets.

It is founded in 1997 and came up to offer help to Indian businesses benefits by selling online. It is playing a vital role in b2b e-commerce by helping manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers.


Shoppa.in is the fastest-growing B2B marketplace that connects buyers and sellers with each other for their benefit. It is the best place to sell and buy products or services online. It provides you free listing process to list your business. There are many products available in all categories.

Shoppa.in holds millions of buyers who are willing to buy products at reasonable prices. It directly connects with sellers without taking any help from mediocrity. It is easy to manage or handle the website.

It has home appliances, food products & beverages, apparel and fashion, industrial supplies, furniture & carpenters, and many more products to sell.

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