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We are providing a platform where manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters can trade over the internet using our e-commerce platform from all over India. Farmers can also connect with buyers on our portal and can sell their products to them. We have registered vendors, they deal with large varieties of agricultural products, we provide your fine quality of all these products at economical cost.

We are dealing with all the equipment related to farming, we have a wide range of agricultural machinery. These are durable and work efficiently. All these products are quality tests with global parameters. These products are highly demanded in the market.

Agricultural tools:

Tractor: Commonly known machinery used in agriculture. Tractors do not do any agriculture work until they are equipped with plough.

Combine Harvester: It harvests, threshes and cleans the grains from the crop.

Plant growth Chamber: It is a special type of chamber designed to perform plant growth experiments in the laboratory.

Naturally ventilated greenhouse: It primarily relies on wind pressure. Heat is removed by the pressure of the wind.

Irrigation Accessories: We provide you all the equipment related to irrigation. We also have pipes for drip irrigation.

Tractor trolley: Trollies are used to carry the load from one place to another.

Reaper: It reap the crops when they are ripe.

Garden Tools:

Watering can: it is used to water the plants.

Hoe: It is used to remove the weeds, harvest the roots of crops, and clear the soil.

Trowel: It is used to soften the soil, digging, planting and transferring plants.

Gardening Fork: It is used for loosening, lifting and turning the soil.

Disposable leaf Plate: These can be used as an alternative to polymer products. These are eco-friendly as one dispose of them without causing any harm to our environment. We offer disposable plates made up of various leaves like bananas,  Areca, Sal etc.

Dry Fruits: Dry fruits are rich in vitamins and proteins. These help in boosting immunity and prevent cardiac disease and diabetes. 

Crackle Glass Lamp: We are offered a wide range of glass lamps. These are available in different designs, shades, and shapes.

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibres, minerals and vitamins. We provide all types of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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